"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life After Babysitting

The first week after Maya went back to being a stay-at-home kid for the summer, I went on kind of a bender and spoiled Geneva rotten. It was the strangest thing, because as happy as I was for Maya to be home with her parents, I had been dreading "losing" her as my little buddy. But there was something about having alone time with Little G after spending so much time as a trio that made me feel like I was on vacation. It only lasted a week, mind you, but I was in the holiday mindset. We baked and ate treats almost every afternoon. We went on at least one fun outing each day of the week. I took special meal requests. We started our mornings with cocoa. 

I have since gotten more lazy calmed down. Of course, we still try to get out and visit with friends or play at the park on a regular basis, and we bake the occasional treat or eat the occasional lavish breakfast. I do miss my Maya, but I'm also thankful for these last few weeks alone with Geneva. She and I have made some new friends, renegotiated nap time (hereafter to be referred to as quiet time), and generally gotten used to our routine as a twosome. It's the new normal... just in time for life to utterly change once more! C'est la vie.

So, how to categorize the pictures I want to share today? I'm afraid "miscellaneous" is the best I can do. They're taken at home, at the park, at the neighbors' house. The photos document significant events (second birthday parties, newborn baby friends) and entirely insignificant ones (Geneva and Maya were both sporting sunglasses). Truth be told, a jumble of pictures seems an apt metaphor for how life feels right now! I'm just going to go with it. Enjoy.

The girls playing in the yard on one of Maya's last days with us.

Celebrating Geneva's second birthday at Randall Park.

Cooling off with the neighbors on one of our first hot(ish) days of summer. 

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