"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A New Friend (and other, lesser news)

After nine long months, some really killer morning sickness, and a lot of hot and uncomfortable days my dear friend Kristen gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy! On August 11th at 7:01 in the morning, Thomas Preble made his grand entrance into the world, weighing 6 lbs 6 oz.

To Kristen and Daniel: thank you for sharing your son with me! It is a huge privilege to be part of your family's life.

To Baby Thomas: I love you, little one. Be good to your mom and dad! They are smart, wonderful people and for all you know they know what they're doing ;)

I was lucky enough to get to meet Thomas on the day he was born, thanks to my flexible work schedule (i.e. stay-at-home parenthood). That trip over to Seattle with Geneva was my first night away from Avery since she was born, and I was a bit apprehensive about how that would go. I know that I am the one taking care of her for most of the day, but the prospect of losing those couple of hours where Avery is in charge of her seemed really daunting. I suppose in the face of 22 "on call" hours in a day, those other two seem pretty crucial. But you know what? We did just fine. Mostly what I missed while I was gone, aside from getting to spend time with Avery, were my dear husband's navigational skills-- I got spectacularly lost on the way to the hospital, and with Geneva bawling in the back seat I was thinking she might have the right idea with throwing a fit. Fortunately we survived.

Other recent happenings include the planting of a new flower bed in our backyard, a lovely visit from Grandpa Robert and Melba, Geneva's new ability to ride forward-facing in her wrap, and the disappearance of our sweet kitty Milo. He has been gone for almost two weeks now and I'm beginning to think he might not come back. Today I made a huge stack of fliers to put up around the neighborhood, hoping someone will recognize him and call us. I really, really miss him.

Avery planting lavender in the new flower bed.


The Zoglmans

A funny face (or two).

Facing out!

My little buddy, the day before he ran away.

On a different subject, I have a new addiction: fabric. I'm finally learning how to sew and oh. my. goodness. I could spend a fortune on fabric-- even when I have absolutely nothing in mind for using it! I go to JoAnn's and pick through their quilting quarters, which for you non fabric store addicts are 18 inch squares of printed cotton for like a dollar fifty. It has gotten to the point where I've come home with a new stack of pretty fabric squares only to realize shoot, I already have this print. Mostly I've been making baby hats, which is not necessarily the most useful thing I could be churning out but does combine my love of babies and hats (and now fabric). Today I finished my first actual garment, minus the buttons: a blue polka-dot jumper for Geneva. It's actually pretty cute, but despite my intention to make it a little big on her it still somehow ended up quite snug. I'm going to have to let the seams out under the armpits so that she can, you know, inhale when she's wearing it. Even though my first foray into the world of homemade clothing was not entirely successfull-- we'll call it 80%-- my confidence is growing. Today I actually ventured away from the quilting quarters and started exploring different textures of fabric, including courduroy-- DROOL! I bought two yards which will either become overalls or a jacket, for Geneva of course. When I'm creating things for her my heart is just full to bursting.

On that note, here are a few more pictures of my favorite girl.


  1. AH! She is so cute. I feel the fabric addiction. I ended up downsizing my craft stuff, and sewing was one of the things that had to go. I have some left over fabric if you want it. They are pretty bright prints that are pink and pink/yellow.

  2. Love the pics of the little girlie and her Grandpa. So sweet! And also, you should put a pic up of the dress you made because it is SO cute!

  3. She is so cute! Sorry to hear about Milo... I hope he shows up soon!

  4. Heather, I'm glad I'm not the only zealously crafty mom :) I am VERY tempted to take you up on your awesome offer... but I should probably focus on doing something with the fabrics I have! Thanks though. You're the best!

    Andrea, thanks for the kind words. He still hasn't shown up and the other day I finally put away his food dish. Sigh. I'll probably never know what happened to him, so I'm telling myself he ditched his collar and was adopted by an elderly couple who sit on the couch and pet him all day.

    Jen, this next post is for you!