"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the Job

So technically this is my first week at my new job: staying home with the munchkin while Daddy brings home the bacon. It is amazing the difference I'm noticing between being in charge of Geneva while there are other people within shouting distance and being home alone with her all day! For the first time I'm really starting to feel the lack of sleep catching up with me. Also, there have been a couple of times where she manages to get worked up into a complete lather over something and it truly is a mystery to me why she's crying. I know this is what newborns DO, but I got spoiled these last few weeks by the fact that she only really fussed when she was hungry or wet or hot. The mystery shrieking really does a number on my patience-- not so much with her, but with other people. Fortunately it hasn't happened too much.

Mostly it has been wonderful to get to hang out with my girl all day! We don't really have a routine down yet, but I imagine that will come with time. I have decided that for this first week I won't try to accomplish more than three things each day (not counting meals and dishes) unless I happen to have an unforseen abundance of time and energy. Three errands/chores/activities is plenty to keep Geneva and me occupied during the brief interludes between feeding, diapering, changing in to non-spit covered clothes (that goes for both of us), etc. Yesterday we did laundry, planned the weekly menu and took a trip to Baron Farm near Harrah. So far today we have gone grocery shopping and worked on birth announcements. After dinner I'll be making brownies! It sure is a change of pace from my previous job, where I taught seven different groups of ELL kids each day. We just kind of go with the flow now, and spend lots of time cuddling and singing. No lesson plans! Of course, at my previous job I never had to pick poo out from under my fingernails at 2:30 in the morning, so it's a trade-off.

Geneva just keeps growing right before our very eyes. Everyone said she would, but it's one thing to know it and quite another to live it. When did three weeks become so grown up? And when did my helpless newborn child start doing things like swatting her toys with her hands, holding her whole torso up off of my chest and smiling? Today I tried to dress her in the outfit she wore at the hospital and-- gasp-- it didn't fit anymore. If I ever wonder if I made the right decision, staying home to take care of Geneva instead of going back to work, all I'll have to do is remember the day she grew out of her newborn onesie. I seriously wouldn't miss this for anything in the wide world.

And now for everyone's favorite part of the blog: pictures!

Picnic at Gasworks Park in celebration of Auntie Lex's participation in the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Marathon!

Thinking about smiling... maybe...

Playing with Mommy.

Visiting Jared and Leah in Seattle.

Geneva Lynn


  1. 1. Hip hip hooray for the update on parenting solo. I've been meaning to call you to see how you're hanging in there. I'll call ya tomorrow cuz I want to see you soon!

    2. You came close to Harrah and I didn't get to squeeze the sweetness that is your daughter? Don't let it happen again! ;)

    3. My eyes have a really hard time reading the light words on the dark background...but it makes the pictures interesting cuz you all have zebra stripes. I think I need glasses.

    4. Seriously, loved the update and want to get together ASAP!!! Oh yeah, and I want to try to get Grandma Hake over your way again soon. Maybe I'll run her over there one of these days....

  2. Oh my gosh, I KNOW (regarding point #2)! I got directions from Googlemaps to the farm, and it turned out not to be where the map said and we ended up WAY closer to you guys than I thought we'd be. I totally would have called if I'd known-- and next time I will :)