"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

"Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy!" --Ms. Frizzle

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland

For the purposes of blogging I'm skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving. I don't care. They were wonderful, and I was too busy enjoying them to document the fun for future generations. So let's move straight on to the Christmas season, which in our house began promptly on Saturday, November 27th. Since then we've had a little holiday music on at some point during every day, dined using Christmas dishes, downed two quarts of eggnog, and strewn yuletide decorations across most available surfaces in the house. The tree is proving to be something of a liability this year; Geneva is quick, curious, and not always overly mindful of the boundaries we set for her. Translation: she removes ornaments from the tree to get my attention, and if that fails she gnaws on them. Most of her activities and interests have me on my toes these days, but I love that she's interested in the world around her and that she has a strong will of her own. Those traits will serve her well as she grows up, and hey, I look good with grey hair.

I wish I had some wintery pictures of the whole family to share. It just seems especially appropriate this time of year. Instead, here are some more of our growing girl.

If you give a kid a cookie... she'll make this face.

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  1. Oh my, those pictures are SOOO cute!!! And I'm glad to hear you're still alive and kicking (or at least not puking all day). Miss you guys!